April 25th, 2002



Well, I discovered this morning that EarthLink shut down the domain I was using...OK, sure, it wasn't mine to use, but they weren't using it, so why be bitchy? I wonder if they have locked me out of the other one? They won't shut it down, it's in use by the team I used to be on...


Ha ha, success!


I wanna give a big hug and shout out to dirtbikev, who heard about my not getting all my stuff down here to Vancouver, and has volunteered to bring it down this weekend!

How cool is that? I get my bed, if nothing else...Veronica, you are the BEST!!!

Shout Outs

Man, I've been slack in watching these kind of things...people adding me to their friends lists, and me not noticing. Sorry guys! Moving and all has made me kinda preoccupied lately...

Anyway, gotta welcome those I haven't welcomed before:

alienne: surely found me through discordian...hope life is treating you well!
deth: fellow fan of Rob Zombie...rock on!
xoxshanaxox: Hell, I may have said "YO" to you before...but what the Hell. YO!!
racytraci: Another of the wildly fun and creative Seattle artists...the pleasure is all mine. Wish we could have met while I was still up there!

To you all, I extend a welcome handshake. Let The Galaxy Burn, my sisters!