May 9th, 2002


Party All Over The World

Nothing of note to say today. Why am I posting, then, you may ask? Go ahead, ask away, I don't mind.

(*pause for your question*)

Because I'm an addict. I can't seem to go without indulging my addiction to LJ. Sad, isn't it?.

On one cryptic Last night...I love you, my Living Dead Girl. You are perfect, absolutely perfect.
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    ELO - All Over The World

(no subject)

OK, so I DO have 2 things to post today.

First off, a big Happy Birthday to Miss sarahdope, fellow compatriot in band promotion. Many Happy Returns!

Secondly, my best wishes and good vibes go out to amusementdevice...I dunno what happened, bro', but I hope it clears up, or develops better. Get hold of me if you need someone to vent to.