May 16th, 2002



Going to bed with a headache + intermittant sleep + bad dreams + waking up with an even worse headache + fighting with a certain soon-to-be-living-the-rest-of-her-short-ass-life-in-excruciating-pain feline first thing in the morning + loud, stompy upstairs neighbors =

Not a good mood this morning.

And if it weren't for my baby, I'd be worse...but she helps things.

Add To That

To the previous post, add to it the fact that those 'upstairs neighbors' are the maintenance crew, apparently getting it ready for someone to live in...and they have some radio on a whiny country station, right over my living room!!!

Clearing Skies

OK, the day got better, at least. Di brought me M&M's at lunch time, and I spent hlaf the day watching the uncut Dune. Oh, and I got my Unreal Tournament patched so it will play online, and showed a bunch of little freaks who the real frag-master was, even over dial-up. I feel so, so...accomplished. So bloody, violent...

...feels good.
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