May 30th, 2002


Brutus The Love Rhino

Slow and quiet, quiet and slow. If not for the internet, I'd be a mess during the days.

Discovered a couple days ago that Coca-Cola is now bottling and selling Vanilla Coke. Well, I had to try it (I *LOVE* vanilla Cokes), and I have to say that, for being bottled, it's pretty decent. Nothing I'd drink all the time, mind you, but good nonetheless.

Spent all of last night awake...stomach being funky. On a good note, I'm well into re-reading Lumley's 'Psychomech' series. Speaking of books, 'Black House' is STILL not out in paperback, dammit. I did find somewhere to replace my lost Lovecraft anthology last night, though.

Oh, me and AudioGalaxy are becoming better and better friends. Like you care.
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    The Cure - Purple Haze


I've really felt crappy all night and day, and it finally started slacking a little, so I thought I'd eat something...only things in the house are Ramen noodles and some cheese, and I needed some substance, so I went for the cheese. Surprisingly, I'm feeling better still.

Behold, the Power of Cheese.