June 13th, 2002


"...And Knowing Is Half The Battle!"

You all remember 'G.I Joe', and watched it...admit it. How could you not, Destro rocked! Anyway...didn't you just love those smarmy little morals at the end of every show? As if you didn't KNOW that shit anyway? I always assumed that it was placed there to make the parents happy that their kids were learning something OTHER than how NOT to take over the world.

Well, then you just might get a kick out of reading G.I. Joe: The Lost Public Service Announcements! Damn, I never knew metal masks cause migraines...and here I was, getting set to go in for a fitting on mine...


It's rather warm in here...damn Northwestern homes and their lack of air conditioning...

It's bad enough when I have resorted to playing really stupid games. It's worse when they cheat.

Ergggg. 'Nuff said.
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Oh, Shut Up!

I just, through links within links within links, discovered a petition-of-sorts, through LJ. The purpose? People want MORE user icons.

"Oh, I can't choose between all my Ewan MacGregor icons, and I end up having to delete some" (an actual complaint)..."I don't think 10 can adequately express enough emotions" (as if there isn't that little 'current mood' thing on EVERYONE'S journal)..."On DeadJournal, paid users get 20, why not here?" (then fucking go to DJ)...

Christ, what a bunch of whiners. Did you know LJ pays something like $10 large, every month, just for bandwidth? And that's not for all your long posts, kids, or even quiz graphics...that's mostly user pix; let's not even talk about how much it would cost to get twice as much storage space. At present, the percentage of paid users is still less than 0.5%, I do believe.

No, I'm not posting a link to this particular discussion, because I think it is a crock. Whiny fucking gimme-babies. This is a free service, and you get what you pay for. You wanna pay for it? I encourage you to do so. Then you get triple the icons, and all the extra layout-play you can shake your tuchas at, plus faster servers. That not enough for you? Shop around, or make your own, but shut the Hell up.
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