June 24th, 2002


Bad Vibes

Man, it's kinda depressing, looking over my friends list today. The world is just kicking too many of you in the ass...suckage. Shout-outs to some, specifically:

~Computer probs are a bitch, bitterreign...hope they are cool about the software replacement
~I can't believe the bullshit happening with the apartment, corachaos...here's hoping it's smooth from here on out
~ouchouch, darlin', I dunno what is going on, but I'm here for you, my thoughts are with you...((HUGGZ))
~I certainly hope things become a little easier to visualize, kitters...sounds like it's an odd time
~Don't worry, babyinga...you'll handle it fine, I have faith in ya
~amusementdevice...what can I say, but hang in there, m'man. Sometimes, the internal reserves get drained.

For the rest of you, well, hey, I'm everyone's Daddy, right?

Oh Hell, Here He Goes Again...

Yep...this week's rant is hitting bright and early in the week. And, as you might expect, it hits one of my pet subjects...religion. In fact, as opposed to my normal way, I'm going to not only warn you in advance, I'm going to APOLOGIZE in advance to my Christian friends, because I'm just in the mood, and it'll prolly offend some of you. Well, if you really are my friend, you know how I feel, but my buttons just got pushed. Nothing against you, I still believe that you have the freedom to choose what your salvation is, and I defend your right to worship Jehovah. What pisses me off is not the religion itself (since it's nothing I have truck with), it's those who decide they have to convert others.

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New Religion

discordian and I have come up with a new religion that we think suits us nicely. AFter long sidcussions earlier today involving tenets, Eris, and science, we are putting the polish on the new religion of "Zen DisSchrodingerism", in which you have your commandments, but you only follow them half the time, and until someone asks you or they come up, no one including you knows whether you are following any particular tenet at any given time...and you are encouraged to interpret those tenets to your own advantage anyway.

Applications will be accepted and approved starting, oh, whenever.

Damn, I Liked That Watch

It was fun to watch, anyway...I looked at my watch earlier, and it was something like 5 hours off. I've been known to haver hit the wrong buttons before, so I figured I'd just fix it. I hit the 'set' button, and the whole display went ape...and when I hit it again to clear it, it died. Blank. Man, I've had this watch for like 7 years, it's been through Hell and back with me. So I tossed it to the floor.

Picked it up a little later, and it was working again...and dig this, it started working again at exactly 12:00, so I didn't even have to reset the time..weird. Still, it's a bad sign...guess it's time to add that to my list of things I need.
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