June 26th, 2002


In Case You're Near LA

For any of you that are near L.A., I wanted to invite you to get out and see a kick-ass band play. The band is Anna Thema, who I have been promoting and supporting since they began. Fronted by my fave rock'n'roll chica caliente, the gorgeous TC (annathema667), they are a mean machine of sweet sound.

Anyway, they'll be playing the Dragonfly/Pretty Ugly Club on Wednesday August 14th opening for Professional Murder Music. Other bands featured on the bill are Skumlove and Fetisch. They are the second band for the night, looking to go on around 9:45ish, and it's only $10 at door.

If you aren't in L.A., sorry, but you shoudl still hear them. Look them up on MP3.com or their website, or contact me, I'll be happy to get you a copy of some of their stuff.

Score One For The Intelligentsia!

I'm beyond happy to see, in the news, that a Federal Court of Appeals has declared the Pledge of Allegiance "unconstitutional", due to it's inclusion of the words 'under God'. Eisenhower himself wrote, after he had signed the legislation that included those words, that each day millions of children would be proclaiming the nation's dedication to 'the Almighty'. Well, sorry, Ike, but I'm not in your boat. Religious freedom, and all that? You know, 1st fucking Amendment?