July 9th, 2002



OK, I got copies of my resume, and a copy of the mail they sent me setting up the interview. Got my bus schedule written down in two places, and already have my pass for the whole day. Already laid out most of my clothes for tomorrow, and just need to get my pants out of the dryer and clean my boots. Also need to go make a couple sandwiches for lunch tomorrow, since I'll be gone all day...as in I'm dragging my ass out of bed at 6:30, and leaving the house by 7, and chances are good I won't be home until 8/8:30pm. I'm gonna be a fuckin' wreck...

Let's see...I'm going on a 100% unfamiliar route, by bus, through one unfamiliar city into another unfamiliar area, to interview for a job that I wouldn't have thought of doing in a million years, with almost no money to back myself up with, during a heatwave in a black suit. Honestly? I'm scared shitless...and wildly energized.

Wish me luck...I'll post tomorrow night as to how it went.
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