July 12th, 2002



Well, not much to prattle on about today. No, no phone call. No, I don't care anymore. It's Friday, buit that means considerably less when you aren't working...

I do want to bring your attention to something. This weekend, the Edward Gorey House has it's grand opening. Not only is this a museum to one of the most wonderful writer/authors of the 20th Century (in my opinion, ok?), but is also an organization dedicated to animal welfare and art education. My only beef with it is the fact that I cannot get there, since it's in Massachusetts. If I were closer, I'd prolly be volunteering there, to say the least...I do plan to become a supporter, once I can do so financially. Anyway, if you are out that way, stop in, check it out.

I'm feeling a tad artistic today, and that feels WONDERFUL! Gotta run!
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The TRUTH, So To Speak

Here's the final word on nutrition and health. It's a relief to know the truth after all those conflicting medical studies.
The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans. The French eat a lot of fat and also suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans.

The Japanese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans. The Italians drink excessive amounts of red wine and also suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans.

CONCLUSION: Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English is apparently what kills you

(thanks to phoenxbutterfly)

Wow...I'm Floating

Today has turned out to be an incredible day.

Bug woke up in a great mood, as did Di, so good start. Me, I woke up and was immediately switched on. It's the only way I can describe it. Everything made sense. I mean EVERYTHING. I understood things that I have been pondering, clarity was the norm. Hell, I even understood certain imprints in my psyche better, which helped me figure out other things. I even knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do with the artwork I've been half-assedly toying with for a couple weeks.

There is nothing quite like starting out your day being physically, artistically, philosophically, and quantumly directed.

Now, add to that, Di found a job opening that was perfect for what she wanted, with better pay, so we can hope for that to happen. She also unexpectedly got her bonus check from work today, and it turned out to be twice as much as she thought it might be. That means that not only are we no longer broke, we have extra, and that means we can get some of the things we have wanted for the house, we can go out this weekend, and we will still have plenty left over for savings. It also means that I have smokes again...(*drag*)...ahhhhhh...

The only thing that would complete this day would be for someone to call and offer me a job...but I'm not gonna hope...I've gotten so much already.

Dear Goddess, you know I love ya. You take me to the edge, you kick me in the head, and you make me want to bitch-slap you, but you always come through in the end...you crazy bitch, you.

As far as the artwork goes...Collapse )
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Pluses and Minuses

You know what the BAD part about being in this kind of a clear and creative whirlwind is?

Once what you had in mind to do gets done, you have to channel it, double-quick, into something else, or else it starts giving you all kinds of insane ideas...most of which sound perfectly plausible at the time. And if you don't watch out, you'll do something really dumb.

For instance, I just snapped myself back into focus, when I realized I was wandering around the house, looking for a tape measure, because I wanted to see how big a window I could case-mod into the Banshee, and had already started searching the web for laser-cut fan grills.

That was a close one.
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Lines, Intimidating And Otherwise

"Engage with prejudice. If it's holding a weapon and it's not Kevyn, turn it into a glowing hole."
(from today's Schlock Mercenary)

*Occult Technician taking a call* "I told you the diet Jello wouldn't work, what else have you got handy?...Why didn't you tell me you had a fire extinguisher?!?...I don't care how much it costs to refill, throw it at the Shoggoth already!!"
(from today's The Call Of Whatever, by alfedenzo and random_dragon)

This mood is making me roll...lordy, lordy, lordy....*mad giggles*

More On MP3's

Having many friends in the music biz, and being a singer/songwriter myself (even if not a very good one!), I keep a close eye on the whole "music industry vs. music downloading" arguments. Personally, I am a big mp3 downloader (even over dial-up!), and I happen to fully support it. I also feel that the RIAA is a bunch of money-bloated fools, who need to firebombed off the face of the planet...but that's just me. Anyway, I wanted to share with you an article I found today, on Janis Ian's website. For those that don't know of her, well, check the site for her bio, I'm not going into it right now, suffice it to say she's been around for a long time (17 albums!), and knows a lot more about the industry than most of the people you think know it. This particular article discusses some of the fallacies that the industry heads have been touting all over the airwaves, as well as a few points you may not have known which show what a bunch of hypocritical toe-licking goat-felchers they truly are.

The Internet Debacle - An Alternative View

I think I'll go look up some more music, just out of spite.
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The Karma Just Keeps Rollin'

Damn, Goddess must REALLY like me today. Add two more things to the "it's a great day" list. First off, I wanna extend congrats to my dear friend Denise, Lady Raven, who announced to me that she and her man are finally getting married! Man, I wish I could be there.

Secondly, Isaac, after a long time of trying to get hold of me today, finally managed to get through and tells me that he actually found my long-lost DMG! For you unintiated, that's a Dungeon Master's Guide...the 2nd ed. book I've had since it was printed, and which seemed to have gotten lost when he moved. Even after I got all my gaming books, etc., from him, my DMG was not there. Hell, I have the damn thing memorized, so I'm not dying, but there was sentimental value in that thing, plus it's nigh irreplaceable now...he went through all his stuff, and never found it. I was not happy. But apparently, he noticed today that his drum kit, stored in a closet for the last year and a half, was sitting funny, and what should he find underneath it? Wild...things are just...are just...indescribably good today.

Me so happy. Happyhappyhappy. Boing.
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Spongebob! Spongebob Everywhere!

So we head out to do a little browsing, a little shopping. Nothing major. Snagged the DVD of the entire first miniseries of "V" (*rock!*), and then went out drinking, because we can...it's so nice to be buzzed on Morgan and Cokes again.

I came to a scary realization, though...as we wandered around Wal-Mart, it seems that for nearly every product they had there, there was a version with Spongebob Squarepants on it. DOn't get me wrong, I like Spongebob, he's cool...but DAMN. When did Wal-Mart become affiliated so heavily with the Squarepants motif?!?

Pardon me...I'm still riding my energy wave. It's gotten quite frightening, actually. The added alcohol is making me weird. But the Spongebob thing is true.
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