July 13th, 2002


You Want A Deity Like Me

Well, I rode that energy wave until I crashed...HARD. For about half an hour, I was not cool to be around, but I relaxed with a flick (Di and I watched Exotica), so mellowed out nicely.

Plans within plans for the day. Going out to get some shelves and an entertainment center, maybe a lampo and a couple chairs for the porch. Most definitely getting the latest two Thumb films, "Thumbtanic" and "Bat Thumb". Gonna be a long say, but I'll end it with funny movies, the chance to build things, and getting to set up all my figures again! Yay!

Oh, shit, it's Mom's B'Day...

Hey Do Ya Love Me, I'm A Devil Machine...

Well, stopping in at the house during a day full of shopping and travel...good stuff...

While out today, though, Di and I stopped to see Halloween: Resurrection. I gotta tell ya, for as much as I went into it with low expectations, I was VERY pleasantly surprised. Fairly well done, didn't take itself too seriously, intelligent storyline (well, for a slasher flick, be fair), and Busta Rhymes was pretty good in it. I'd love to spoil it for you, and maybe I will at a lter time, but for now, I am actually just gonna recommend seeing it. Bottom line: I was impressed.
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