July 14th, 2002


Sunday, Busy Sunday

Spent most of today building a set of shelves and an entertainment center, so the front room looks much better. Plus, it gives me a place for all my movies, and most of my figurines. The house is cleaner (no big boxes of movies on the floor), and more interesting (definitely looks more like I live here, with the figures on display).

Also did a lot of thinking about the fact that humanity has too many taboo subjects that it doesn't like to talk about, even between close friends or lovers, and thinking that it really is sad.

Embarassment is for amateurs and boring people.
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Many Happy Returns!

Gotta give a shout out to velvetacidgrrrl, who hits the two-five milestone today! Many Happy Returns, hun!

Actually, I talked to her today, on the phone, and discovered that not even her family had called her with well-wishings, so it perked her up to hear from me...and I would request that any of you out there that have her number please do the same; it's been some rough times for her lately.

Shout Outs

And as I have been busy lately, being wacky happy, I have been remiss is giving a shout out to the newest soldier in the War On Dogma...gotta say hey to my newest reader, the lover cyber-geisha herself, sayaka.

I've actually known her for a while, in passing, but 'tis uber-kool to have her on my list of bretheren...Let The Galaxy Burn, Sister!
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"Well, Fuck Me...It's A Cat!"

Man...people say some weird things in Di's dreams, sometimes.

Right after my apparent outburst (above), some other woman, looking at all the dogs (which are apparently cats, it seems), tells her that "they are very docile, but you can unleash them at any time...especially against the Jews."

Dream On...