July 18th, 2002


And On And On And On...

I think I found somewhere to pirate 'Unreal Tournament 2003', so that is my project for today.

Yeah, that's me, livin' the life o' Riley....:/
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I *KNEW* I Wasn't The Only One

When caliban and I went to see 'Lord Of The Rings', we made sure to sit at one end of our little group, because we knew, as was our way, that we would spend the whole movie making fun of it. Needless to say, I enjoyed the film more than I would have, due to our comments and giggling. And, sure, it's obvious, but it's always good to see someone else was thinking the same thing you were; in this case, John Kovalic, creator of "Dork Tower":

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Yeah, so, I gave up on trying to get UT2K3...921 MB over a dial-up is just NOT gonna happen.

Hey, any one out there wanna DL this, burn it on a couple CD's, and send it to me? Huh? I'll be your best friend, I'll do you some custom art, something...
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As I Suspected

Stubbornly clinging to the past, you belong back in the 80's when goth was interesting.
As it is you're trapped in modern times where the idea is old. Take the spirit of the old
ways of goth and run with it - create something new and different from what's become
boring and mundane.

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