July 22nd, 2002


"Mr. Sperm, I Understand Kur'rap Flew Out Of Uranus At Hyper-Speed."

Yesterday was good regardless, but we had a blast last night. Di heard me give a little mini-rant on sex shops, not an angry one, just going on at length about the silliness of various things, and decided she HAD to see that one live, so took me to the local porn shop after we took Bug back to his father's place. Much laughter was had by all, so I showed her all three episodes of "Sex Trek", which just resulted in more hilarity.

They say sex is the most fun you can have without laughing. I say, if you aren't able to laugh, you are missing half the fun.
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Taste Test

Speaking of rants...

I had someone recently tell me that they would LOVE to be able to witness me ranting live, since they can only imagine the animation and outpouring. For those that are curious, my rants come in a variety of flavors. I can calmly debate a point, all the while relaxed in a chair, smoking. I can climb on top of a table and give a sermon (yes, I'm an ordained minister, Church of Universal Life). I can pace back and forth while tearing up a point of view. The subject makes the difference, but all in all, try to imagine a SubGenius Devival...that's me, when I get going.

And speaking of flavors, have you ever noticed that everything weird that comes in flavors has a "Pina Colada" flavor? Sodas don't, normal things don't, but flavored ass lube? Pina Colada. Now me, I'm not a big Pina Colada fan, regardless, but what's the big draw on Pina Colada? And why NOT make Pina Colada soda? Lounge Lizards need caffeine, too. Shit, as many other stupid things that come in Pina Colada flavor, you'd think someone would think to make Pina Colada soda, or tea, or bubble bath. Wait, I think there IS bubble bath. It does make me wonder if the National Pina Colada Marketing Board has a bunch of perverts on the steering committee, who only want their flavor in the bars and the sex shops.
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Wes Craven...man, what happened? You used to be so cool.

Been reading up on TCPA and the rhetoric and paranoia around it. My opinion? Meh. So many things come out in "news" like this that either never come about because of outcry or come about quietly so that you never realize you are using it anyway, and I've found that the proponents on both sides are generally vehement and close-minded, so arguing the points is an exercise in futility anyway. I'll sit back and see what happens, using my pirated software as always, and if it starts to affect me, I'll work around it, or do something about it. If this DOES become an issue to ME, however, I could see me finally breaking down and going to alternate O/S'es.

Shrimp Ramen + Garlic + Butter + Parmesan Cheese = Poor Man's Scampi. Mmmm...lunch.


Have I mentioned lately how much I hate the fact that apartments in the Northwest don't have air-conditioning?

I haven't? Good. This much.

(*It's a lot...really big. As in "don't point that thing at my planet!" big. Use your imagination.*)