July 25th, 2002


Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

I've been re-indulging my love of conspiracy theory the last few days. I may make that a regular feature, here in the War Journals...type up notes on various conspiracies for regular posting. It's not worth starting a new journal for, but it might be fun.

On an unrelated note ("DON'T START THAT AGAIN!"), I want to say a big huge ol' THANKEE SAI to alienne!

(*yes, but does anyone else actually GET that reference?*)

Just Thinking Out Loud

It's amazing how things can come back to you, just following links within links. People who you haven't thought of in a long itme...and some that you might think of frequently, regardless.

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    Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush - Don't Give Up

Good Tidings

I finally took a glance through the 100 Albums You Should Remove From Your Collection, because I had nothing better to do, and I'm happy to report that my own involvement is little:

3. Nirvana - Nevermind -- the cassette is still in the huge box of cassettes I rarely touch
22. The Who - Tommy -- I have the movie, so I guess that doesn't really count
57. Love and Rockets - Earth, Sun, Moon -- OK, another cassette, but I have always liked L&R
63. Rush - Moving Pictures -- same as above, I'm a Rush fan
64. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon -- same...
95. The Prodigy - Music for the Jilted Generation -- same again...

Cthulhu Fhtagn!

I'm WAY too much a Lovecraft nut not to take alfedenzo's Cthulhu Cultist Purity Test.

"You are 29% cultist pure and 71% cultist corrupt." (Hey, what can I say, I suck at languages)

There are a few of you that I expect to take this. Don't disappont me...you want me chanting your names to the stuffed plush Cthulhu, not the statue of Cthulhu.