July 26th, 2002



I'm scared at how many LJ users there that are "deityname_dot_com".

Pick one, see what you find. And then check their info for who are their friends; you'll prolly find the rest of them.

Fat Guy Sues 4 Fast Food Chains

I'm assuming, by now, you've all heard about this.

Will someone, please, anyone, PLEASE, go shoot this fuck? Or, maybe, for those with a more theatrical bent, pull a "Se7en" and forcefeed him to death? Hell, I'll pay.

I hate that the American legal system would even CONSIDER something like this. I can only hope that the judge throws it out, calls him a '24-karat ignoramus', and humiliates him in front of CNN, CourtTV, and the World Press.

Fashion Trends

Went a shoot with Di, who was shooting with fetishvixen, and ended up as "light master". I love Shemping for photoshoots...

...but based on a comment that got taken the wrong way, and, in my usual way, taken WAY too far, I think we need to start a new school of fashion design. After hearing the phrase "Wait, that's OK, you're a watery death", I can suddenly see this taking the place of "well, you are more of an autumn" or something.

Color charts are based on how you died (or are likely to die). Blues are drowning, oranges for fire, more earth tones for blunt trauma, greens for disease, black for buried alive, and reds for violent wounding. Can you just imagine the trendy, done up fashion consultant, sitting with the supermodel, saying "I think this dress will bring out your eyes, nicely, since you are more of a gangrene death."
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