July 29th, 2002


Well, Well, Whachoo Know 'Bout Dat?

Di gets a call this morning from her ex-mom-in-law, and ends up talking to Bug for a minute, who mentions that he is really looking forward to being here tonight, because he misses us, and because, quote: "Frank is my buddy, huh?" unquote. Heh heh heh...does that rock or what?

So, after a movie-filled weekend, here are some mini-reviews:

Bruiser: George Romero is still alive and well and kicking ass. This movie...another definite must-own DVD. I'm not gonna give away too much, because I really want all of you to see this, but here's a short version: Henry Creedlow is an executive at what appears to be a men's magazine, run by the biggest sexist asshole I've seen in a while. He's also refinishing a huge house, where he lives with his serious pain-in-the-ass of a wife. Henry just takes all the shit he's served, and though he imagines the revenge he'd love to dish out, he never does. At a party (given by the boss), he makes a mask of his own face (an art project that the boss's wife does), and though it is his face, it's blank (part of the whole art thing). He wakes up the next morning to find his ACTUAL face just the same, and with his identity stripped from him, begins to realize his potential...and finds himself again, in vengeance on the people who took it from him: his boss, his cheating wife, his financial-wizard friend who stole from him. Sprinkled with dark humour, and exceedingly well-done, I was raving about this flick for at least another hour after it was over. Added bonus: The Misfits play live in the penultimate scenes! Please, PLEASE see this movie.

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Well, I'm An Idiot.

Only a few graphics monkeys out there will understand this, but I just had an epiphany of stupidity. Every time I would do a GIF from PhotoShop, the transparency never worked right, and I could never figure out why...and the answer just dawned on me.

Indexed Color, you moron. A fact I might have discovered if I had just RTFM when it didn't work the FIRST time.

*smacks forehead*
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