July 31st, 2002


Prositution: The Nookieing

kespernorth mentioned something he had heard about English schoolchildren collecting hookers' call cards from phone boxes and usung them as trading cards, and mentioned he could just see the game now...which led to my mind going ape. I had to repost this, a session of the hot new game, Prostitution: the Nookieing...

A: "OK, I play 'New Lingerie', giving my 'Oriental Dominatrix' a +2 to attract"
B: "Dammit, that thing is really horning in on my territory!"
A: "Heh, heh, yeah...your streets will be mine soon."
C: "My turn? OK, I'm gonna tap my 'Coke Dealer' to add +1 to all my 'ho's, and tap my 'Blonde', my 'Redhead', and all my 'Brunettes' to work your area."
B: "FUCK ME AGNES! OK, ok, I'll catfight the brunettes with my girls, and tap two 'Pubs' to power my 'Police Bribes' against the others."
C: "I gotta get me one of those...care to trade?"
B: "Hell no!"
A: "I might have an extra, we'll talk later."
B: "My turn, finally. OK, right off the bat, I'm playing 'Outbreak Of Clap', so get rid of half your 'ho's."
A: "Shit, good play."
B: "Then, I'll play 'White Slaver', which gives me four extra 'ho's."
C: "Man, that card is SERIOUSLY rare!"
A: "Well, it's gonna do you no good...I play 'Sting Operation', get rid of all of them!"
B: "Damn, and no cash left for my 'Police Bribes'! ARG!"

UPDATE: the cards mentioned above, as well as a couple others, have been made! Check them out here!

Bad Movie Extravaganza

*LMMFAO* I have GOT to see Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter: "The First Testament says 'An Eye For An Eye'. The Second Testament Says 'Love Thy Neighbor'. The Third Testament...KICKS ASS!" Man, if there was ever a bad movie, this has got to be close to the top...

Odessa Film Works has this to say: "Combining kung-fu action with biblical prophecy and a liberal dose of humour, the film teams the Savior with Mexican wrestling hero El Santos against mythological horrors and science gone mad, and also manages to address contemporary sexual politics. And did we mention that it's a musical?"

Blasphemy, cheap horror, and Mexican wrestling. Gotta get it.
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Kinda Nice

I finally broke down and joined DeviantART. I have to admit, there's something nice about visiting the site and seeing my artwork on the 'new' list.

User ID, for anyone who cares, is 'ChaosBlackflame', of course. Not much there at the moment, though.
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Sex Through The Walls

As my song changed, in the few seconds of silence, I was treated to the sound of my neighbors fucking like hardcore rabbits...funny that the next song that came up was LaTour's 'People Are Still Having Sex'.

Well, at least I know how THEY feel, now.
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If I search Google Images for "Cocaine Dealer", why do I find a picture of Hillary Clinton?!?