August 22nd, 2002


Listen Up, Seattlites!

OK, Di and I are gonna be in Seattle this weekend, for a photoshoot she has out at Gasworks, but that is during the day on Saturday, so I want to see y'all that night. I plan on being at the Bad Juju around 8:30, and having a few drinks, so come out and drink with me...I miss you guys.

kespernorth, rayce, caliban, 01flux, isisinvinyl, erotocism, etherpunk, meowlet...this means all of you, and others too, but I'm tired of typing this.

Be there!

The Sum Of All Fears

I know I am constantly giving my opinions on 'what's wrong with the world', but, then, I'm right. So it should come as no surprise that I have come up with a new tirade on the subject.

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    Pink Floyd - Careful With That Axe, Eugene

*Listening To Pink Floyd*

Strangers passing in the street
By chance two separate glances meet
And I am you and what I see is me

And do I take you by the hand
And lead you through the land
And help me understand the best I can

And no one sings us lullabyes
And no one makes me close my eyes
And so I throw the windows wide
And call to you across the skies....
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    Pink Floyd - Echoes