August 23rd, 2002

Worship Chaos


Counting down...

-- Check from my Dad should be here today, I hope
-- Leave tomorrow for trip to Seattle
-- Discovered yesterday that my friend is leaving her hubby...well, I support it, but I'll believe it when I see it happen
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Worship Chaos

Awwww Yeah

So, I'm sitting here, staring at "the check", seeing that, payable to me, feels REALLY good.

Now, I just have to actually GET the money. I would just sign it over to Di and have her deposit it in her account, but her bank says they usually do not accept third party checks, and this IS a doozy, but we have told them it's coming, and are trying to get them to be cool and let her dump it in her account.

*giggle* It's still hard to see it and believe it's mine, tax-free.
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LJ Trading Cards

And why the Hell not? I se there are two: the original better looking one, and the newer one, which leaves you room to actually put something on it. To be fair, I'm posting both.

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This may very well be my last post before the trip, so everyone enjoy the weekend, I'll catch up on it when I get back. In the meantime, be interesting, never stop, and don't do anything I wouldn't think kicked ass.

To my peeps: remember, the Bad Juju at 8:30/9:00 tomorrow night...I'll be looking for you!
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