August 31st, 2002


Feelin' Like A Playa

There's just nothing like the feeling of dropping that kind of cash, and not worrying about it.

Since people were curious, here's what the first sweep of stuff brought us:

DVD Player
Digital Camera (really nice one, too)
Replaced my "Alice" game
7 new figures (2 of them 12")
replaced my 'Delerium: Karma' CD
DVD's of 'Resident Evil', 'Rose Red', 6 back volumes of LEXX, and the collected 'Black Adder'
Headdrape thingy for Di

Man, feeling good. Going out today to look for a new mattress, and a bed frame for Bug. Speaking of which, it's time to motor...things to buy, you know.
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Oh, And A Thank You!

Before I forget, I want to give a big honkin' THANK YOU to ouchouch...I got her package full of band stickers and promo CDs in the mail yesterday...a nice addition to my morning!

I'd have commented in your journal, darlin', but you so rarely turn comments on...thanks, doll!