September 1st, 2002


Saturday, Recap

Not that much to report, but I don't want to sit out front and watch "The Three Caballeros" AGAIN...ever since I showed it to Bug, he wants to watch it, over and over again.

We did find a bedframe for Bug, and a new mattress for us, which wioll be delivered Tuesday...I'm so looking forward to having that mattress, it'll be so nice! We also went looing for new sheets for Bug...and discovered that finding kid's sheets in full size is next to impossible! Plenty on twin size, but full? No...we did finally find some with a cityscape and starry sky, and the stars all glow in the dark...shit, those were cool, *I* want some!

We took Di's parent's out for dinner last night, partly to say thanks for all they done for us, and partly because we just wanted to. LIttle hole-in-the-wall Italian place called Dante's, in the middle of nowhere. The food was INCREDIBLE. I've decided that you can test an Italian place by it's sausage and it's antipasto. Since a big restaurant, especially a chain, has to cater to a large range of people, they tend to make things more bland so more pewople can eat it...unfortunately, Italian food is anything but bland. And, somehow, most large Italian eateries screw up antipasto. That being said, this place kicked ass. I had the Antipasto Siciliano, which had prosciutto ham, salami, provolone, black olives, 3 kinds of peppers, and italian marinaded veggies. Main course brought me the festa di caltagirone, which I got with a meat sauce that was gorgeous, penne pasta mixed with cheese-stuffed ravioli, and topped by a nice large Italian sausage. Washed it all down with an excellent Chianti...I'm not normally a big wine person, but if I'm eating Italian, I gotta do it right.

The only down side on the night was that Bug was restless, like a six-year old would be, but he really started to get me pissed. Also, he's at that age where he knows what he wants, and he has no intention of trying anything else, so if you offer, he just says he hates it. This happens to be a pet peeve of mine, but it's pointless trying to 'argue' with that kind of anti-logic...I kept it down, and things went all right.

Anyway, a long, boring Sunday ahead. Catch some of you around online, I'm sure.
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Just A Mention

The other day, I received an e-mail, welcoming me to a mailing list I had never heard of. Since it was on Yahoo Groups, and I moderate 2 different communities there, I had no trouble getting back out, but I wanted to give you guys some fair warning.

This particular group was about serial killers, etc. As I have this listed in my user info, you can assume it's a subject I get a kick out of. This person, in the 'welcome' mail, claimed they had seen my comments on LJ, and thought I'd be an asset to their group. I, however, have not been in a convo concerning this topic in a long time. I can only assume that they saw that in my user interests, and went form there, so who knows who else might have been signed up.

This was not an invite to join...this person actually SIGNED ME UP. Yahoo Groups allows this, with the disclaimer to 'use this feature wisely'. Since it isn't against the Terms of Service to do it, however, I have mentioned it to Yahoo abuse.

Just a word of warning to the world.