September 2nd, 2002


Shout Outs

Gotta take a moment on this frighteningly early morning to give a shout out to the latest reader of the War Journals, elfmoogle! I do so love people who aren't afraid to speak their minds.

Let The Galaxy Burn!
Worship Chaos

Zen And The Art Of Furniture Destruction

In my living room, there has been, since I moved in, a couch and loveseat pair, that someone gave Di when she moved out of Raisin-Ball's house. Di and I decided that we don't need the loveseat, and were gonna get rid of it, make a little room. On a lark, we opted to have a little fun and not just get rid of it, but to demolish it.

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In other news, it's the last night on the crappy mattress...tomorrow is the delivery of my new one...looking forward to it!
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