September 9th, 2002



After a massive load of grocery shopping, we decided to do home-made stir-fry last night, and I gotta tell ya, it's the best I've ever had...thin strips of beef, marinaded all day in a mix of soy sauce and garlic, stir-fried with red and green peppers, onions, pea pods, shiitake mushrooms, and noodles. Even had plenty left over for lunch today.

Then Again, Maybe Not. Fuckers.

planetnikita pointed out recently the tendency for all vampires in the media today to be good-looking and seductive. It's sad to me that what used to be the stuff of nightmares has now been relegated to the stuff of porn. Give me a good old-fashioned "monstrous snarling rip-off-your-head-and-lap-up-your-blood" vampire over the "euro-trash-accent-formal-wear-seduce-everything-in-sight" vampire anyday.


Fun Fact: The human body was not built to breath pea pods.
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