September 15th, 2002


Disclaimer, Re: BBQ

discordian and polynoia are right in assuming I did not cook and eat two old horses...sorry for the confusion. The horses were very old, one went lame, and the decision was to put them both down...and believe me, there are some funny stupid things in that undertaking alone! LATER, I barbecued some pork ribs, and the special ingredient was a peach sauce...absolutely the best bbq I've ever done or had (feel free to e-mail me for the recipe), and the meat was so tender you could cut it with a spoon. GodDAMN, I'm a God on the Grill...but no horsemeat.

Drunken Billiards

Mark your calendars...I'm actually feeling the effects of all the alcohol I've quaffed this evening. But the little Chinese place nearby has a good pool table and doesn't water down their booze. I've been gulping down something called a Suffering Bastard all night, and STILL won 7 out of ten billiards games...

I'm not commenting on how long it took me to type this post...or how many typos I corrected...on how much amusemnt Di is getting out of watching my attempt at typing. Wheeeeee.

*laughing uncontrolably*
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