September 21st, 2002

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OK, after watching a couple new-ish flicks last night, I have one you should avoid and one you DEFINITELY should see, without question. Short version: skip "Lost Voyage", but SEE "Frailty".

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*Big Happy SIgh*

I dunno if I have mentioned it flat out lately, but my girl is the best in the world. No offense to any of you out there, I know some great women (and a lot of them are prolly reading this *G*), but my girl kicks ass.

Just wanted to say that.

More Movies

One more for your perusal: Session 9. Eh, don't bother. What could have been a stylish horror flick is badly executed, and as such falls apart. Short version: a hazmat crew gets the job to detoxify an abandoned asylum, so it can be used as town council offices, and things go to Hell. One of the crew discovers the tapes of a patient's therapy sessions, where she eventually (in the ninth session) reveals (through her multiple personalities) what happened, namely that 'Simon' (a dark personality indeed) told her to kill a boy that tripped her, and then to kill her parents as well, so she wouldn't get in trouble. Meanwhile, the foreman here, we find out at the end, has murdered everyone, which started with his wife...and apparently, a similar voice told HIM to do it. Unfortunately, there are plot holes and questions aplenty, and the tale isn't told with any coherency, nor is the fear/dread/horror. It just sorta gets dumped in your lap at the end, with no real connection to anything, while you sit there trying to fit that particular square peg into the round hole of the movie.

I will give this one credit, and that is that the place where they filmed it really IS an abandoned asylum, and most of the history they told in the film, about it being the place they developed pre-frontal lobotomies, is apparently legit. An artist, Andy Chulyk, went in there for artifacts for his art...30 years after going there as a child to visit his aunt, a nurse there who had a breakdown. Frankly, the 'making of' featurette on the DVD was better than the movie.
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