September 23rd, 2002


Bill Barker, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Us?

Dammit, whatever happened to The Schwa Corporation? Neither of their URLs come up to anything anymore. Hell, one of them USED to redirect, for no apparent reason, to a wife-swapping site, and now even THAT'S gone.

Dammit, this is extremely ungroovy...I can't find mention, hide, nor hair of Mr. Barker and his off-kilter alien-takeover company...and that was/is one of the coolest projects I've ever come across. Maybe I should start looking up the copyright info on it, and if available, just restart it myself. I can easily find enough like-minded individuals to help.

BILL, WHERE ARE YOU???? We're still running the planet, but it would be nice to get a memo from the Head Office on the progress of the plan...or at least a few clarifications of the mission statement.
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Set Up

Since someone asked, here is a picture of the new desk and arrangement. Everything nicely within reach for a change, near the window for light and air, and all sound runs through Mortis, so the soundfield and quality is phenomenal...I fired up Unreal Tournament yesterday, just to test that all was connected and working properly, and just about scared the shit outta Di!


I just want to warn you all against the evils of eating too many tater tots...I did it tonight, but I think I'll survive, but I'm a trained professional. Do not, under any circumstances, try this in at home without the supervision of a trained chef.

It's nasty; I cannot focus properly, and I swear the tots are pinching my flava, keeping me from performing much of anything properly.

You have been warned.