September 28th, 2002



Man, am I glad we got out last night...I so needed that. We ended up over at karzon's place for an 'impromptu barbecue', and a fun night of socializing ensued. Met some very cool new friends, plenty of laughter, determined the many reasons not to be German (long story), and capped off the evening by relaxing in the hot tub with Di, Kelly, and Joe.

As I told Joe, "You had a noise complaint and nude hottubbing in the same night...definitely a sign of a good party!"

Zen And The Art Of Mood Changes

Man, what a weird day. Woke up in the oddest mood...not bad, just out of sorts. Still haven't completely shaken it, but not a fraction as weird as it was. Add to that the fact that I think zombiedip is coming down with something, and the day has been kinda long.

On a good note, I have a new contract for logo work, and this one is a bit of a rush job. Still, that's not so bad, it shoudl be simple, and it's netting me $200. I was talking with Di's mom about it all, and realizing that, if things keep on this track, I may be able to start working for myself again...and the prospect makes me wanna cheer. Still, nothing definite yet, so not worrying about it...but I would SO love to be able to say and know that DarkGod Studios was profitable again.

We'll see what the future brings.
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