October 1st, 2002

Burn The World

Excuse Me For Just One Moment

You know, when I woke up, stumbled to my computer, and started checking my mail, I almost hoped that my most recent client had not mailed me back. See, I sent him some rough designs last night, based on the (extremely) vague descriptions I was given, and I can't continue until i get some feedback. If he hasn't mailed me back, I can slack off for a day.

No such luck, though. And that's not bad, at least I know that he's on the ball, right? So, I open up his mail. Joy of joys...not only does he NOT tell me which (if any) of the designs I sent him he likes or not, he also babbles something out which is completely counter to what I was given as quasi-specs in the first place. So I don't really know where to go with this, now, and it's only 8:40...I've been awake a whole 10 fucking minutes and haven't had any caffeine or nicotine yet and am not in a position to deal with moronic idiocy. Something tells me I'm renegotiating my fee on this project.

Therefore, behind the LJ-Cut is my scream of frustration...the very same one I paused in typing and released in person just a moment ago.

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Thank you. Now, to explain to this person the difference between spec art and created art...specifically, the cost difference.
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Still Funny

No matter how many times I read The Secret Diaries of the LotR Characters, they're still a riot. I've prolly posted that link before, and Goddess knows you've all seen it elsewhere as well, but this way I won't lose it.

from the diary of Gandalf the Grey:
Day Sixteen: Am lonely. Saruman maybe not so unattractive after all. If only were not for giantly flaring nostrils and huge clawlike fingernails...okay you'd think I might have figured out he was evil before.
Worship Chaos

Nothing Like Business With Friends

Isaac: You'll get my bill.
Frank: Sure, I'll get right on that.
Isaac: as well as the standard finder's fees and a small kickback not to tell some of the things I know about you.
Frank: I taught you well, young Sith.
Frank: ROFL
Isaac: Yes you have, Master. And remember, I'm being nice due to our long friendship, and Teacher/student relationship. It's the least I can do, Sire.
Frank: I shall remember it...and use it against you, I'm sure.
Isaac: I have no doubts.
Isaac: *LOL*
Frank: I knew you would expect nothing less. ;)