October 10th, 2002


News Reports, On A Personal Note

Oh man...out of the fucking blue.

I get on messenger, and see nightmaven, who I haven't seen in forever, so I popped up on him to say hey. He asks if I got his e-mail yesterday...nope, not a thing. He proceeds to tell me that he finally got the autopsy and toxicological reports from Cyn's (cenobitten's) death.

Man, talking about something slamming into place...*WHAMMMM*

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nightmaven is mailing me a copy of the reports. Hopefully, I'll have them in a few days. I'm very glad to have this info; it provides me a bit of closure. I'd love someone to go and get me a picture of her gravesite.

Sleep in peace, Cyn.
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No More Steve?!?

OK, I have been reading Black House (just finished it today, actually), the second boook co-written by Stephen King and Peter Straub. It's the sequel to the first one they did, The Talisman, and it was beautiful, both of them. The other thing I liked was that it brought together this story with the 'Dark Tower' story (which makes a LOT of sense if you think about it)...didn't finish the Dark Tower story, just connected them, and alluded to the main character being in on the end of it (which also makes a lot of sense). But recently, Entertainment Weekly ran, as it's cover story, the fact that Steve says he's retiring and not doing anymore books. Now, I understand, he's been writing for, geez, what almost 30 years? Done something like 30 novels, 5 collections of short stories, several screenplays for screen and TV, and several nonfiction pieces? The man's EARNED his retirement...but i was REALLY pissed at the fact that he might not finish the Dark Tower story.

Well, I am pleased to announce that this will not be the case. According to official releases: "When asked on a recent episode of The View about his plans to retire, Stephen said that he has enough projects to keep him busy for the next 2 years and that he'll make a decision about retiring then. Don't worry, folks, finishing The Dark Tower books is first on the "to do list" during this next 2 years."


For more info on the direction of the Dark Tower story, read the interview that Steve did with, well, himself.

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Oh SHIT...There Goes The Country

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.

Congress has already approved it. The Senate is debating it. What am I referring to? The fact that, according to the latest push through our Legislative Branch of the so-called government, if it gets totally approved, Bush can unilaterally use military force against Iraq (etc.), with ony a short-term notice to Congress...without their approval.

I never liked civics and government classes in school, but I listened enough to hear all those parts about 'checks and balances' that keep the government honest, hence the whole point of three branches of government. I know it's bullshit in the long-run, but still. This is insane. To allow the President to weild this kind of power, to completely go around any kind of approval, is completely insane.

It's bad enough that we, as American people, get screwed over every day by a government that has forgotten that we exist. It's worse that we are blamed, as a nation, for the actions of a small ruling faction that happens to be in control. It's worse still that we have little real choice in who those rulers are (and if you honestly believe that you do, you need a serious wake-up call from Reality, bright and early, 6:30 AM). Now, we are gonna get it right in the ass.

I've said for YEARS that our nation has outgrown our government. Our concept of a democratic society was flawed from the begining, and now is impossible. I thought, though, that the inevitable conclusion of the downward spiral was not going to be in my lifetime...now, I'm not so sure. Frankly, I'm waiting to hear about the paramilitary civilian force that is going to descend on Washington DC and just take it over, wipe it all out and start over. And you know what else?

I'll be happy to get right in the thick of it with them. THAT, my friends, will be fighting for the COUNTRY. THat will be PATRIOTISM.

I'm starting to think it's a good idea to get out of this place...othiym? Do you need a houseboy? Mexico sounds real nice, all of a sudden.
UPDATE: Senate passed it too...Goddess help us all. (*thanks to wesa for the link*)
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