October 16th, 2002


Not A Helluva Lot To Talk About

Nothing's really happened since yesterday, and I haven't caught any news to bitch about. Wild.

I can tell you that "Jason X" is for the true 'Friday The 13th' fan only. No backstory (and completely against the previous film), no history (as in how they captured him in the first place), lots of killing but surprisingly little gore, a 'storyline' that is stretched worse than a taffy pull, and implausible plot twists. That being said, I'm buying a legit copy as soon as it's available...as if you expected different.

Also watched 'Ghost World' last night. Di and I had mixed feelings on it. For most of the film, we both enjoyed it, but I got tired of the main character's bitchy schtick, and thought that the ending was a cop-out. Frankly, I was reminded a lot of my rant about indy films. I should really just learn that when indy artsy films come out, and everyone raves about them, that I'm going to hate them.
Burn The World

Shout Outs

Hellfire and Damnation...I see that over the course of my weekend offline, I missed a few birthdays. DammitDammitDammitDammitDammitDammitDammitDammit

Anyway, Many Happy (Belated) Returns to brandy6172, bellacrow, and my darlin' kitters. Many hugs and kisses, I hope it was a good one for all of you!
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Fast Track Movement

Wow...just got a call from Sue, the manager at Suncoast. We set up my second interview for Friday...this one with the District Manager. Damn, that was quick. I'm not complaining, though. Keep your fingers crossed, and send me all the positive vibes you can!

Mmmm...Orcish Goodness

Finally got 'Warcraft III' working...no one told me which files were the .exe replacements. But, having got it up and running, my only complaint is that I want to play the orcs exclusively, and I'm stuck being humans for a while. I'm sure this is all stroyline, and it'll make sense leter...but I'm just such a fan of orcs.

Also got 'Empire Earth' up and running, and I can imagine that I'll be having some serious fun with that later.

If you haven't played 'The Thing', take the chance...it's excellent.

I'm still trying to get into 'Morrowind', but I'm just not crazy about it. Maybe it'll grow on me, but if things don't improve, I doubt I'll play it much further.

Can you tell I got into a game spree this weekend? I won't even bother talking about Ed Hunter or Blood. Those are just filler games...fun but stupid.

Well, Color Me Impressed.

According to an article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, nonconsensual upskirt photography in a public place is not illegal. Apparently, the State Supreme Court made this ruling just recently.

Basically, the point here, according to a judge, is that it is the place that it is done, not the part of the body shown. As opposed to a place where someone would expect to have 'reasonable privacy' (i.e. home, changing rooms, etc.), a person's picture can be snapped in a public place without their knowing it. Face it, this happens every day. While they agree that the actions here may be considered offensive, it is not illegal, because the subject is in full public.

It raises the question of personal privacy, sure. Does this mean that a woman wearing a skirt has no recourse to perverts snapping pix of her nethers? Well, keep in mind that if the person in question uses those pix for anything, whether profit, promotion, or business, then you have recourse, just like any other picture of you, becuase you didn't consent to the release or use of those pix. If they don't...be honest, what you don't know isn't hurting you. It boils down to how Puritanical one chooses to be about their skin and body (which I ranted about not too long ago). That's a personal choice, and not one I plan to change your mind about, but I do have my own thoughts on that.

I'm not trying to say I support perversion...no, I take that back. I totally support perversion. Frankly, I'm glad to see the Justice System actually thinking something through and not decideding something based on somebody's personal morality.