October 21st, 2002


Yeeeeah, OK, Whatever

There's a mailing list I'm part of, and sometimes I wonder why.

I just read a post from someone, and in part of it they say "I love life as much as I do death." Even for a goth, that's a bit absurd, or at least extreme...at the very least a tad stupid.

Someone there asked me recently why I never seem to post hardly at all, except to debate people (recently had a week-long debate/discussion/argument about the whole Bush/Congress/unilateral military power thing). I didn't have the heart to say it was because most of the people there are REALLY pathetic.

For instance, about 60-70% of the people on this list actually believe they are some kind of vampire (sanguinal or psychic), fey creature, magick wielder, or the like. I'm not talking LARP players who go to far, I mean ACTUALLY believe it. The really funny part is seeing the things they post, and knowing where their info/experiences come from, and knowing that it's bullshit...which is a powerful thing to say for someone (like me) who actually does believe certain supernatural things, and is basically a conspiracy nut besides.

People are so much fun, sometimes.
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