October 26th, 2002


Still Giggling - And Groaning

Well, that was a riot. "BMaB: The Big O" went off nicely. A long evening, spent with karzon, jahnji, and kellibunny, watching all the Thumb flicks and then topping it off with "Kung Pow". Too much fun.

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Dunno what is going on today. I think Di and I are gonna take Bug to the Science Museum. i ahve a little more painting to do on the model, as well.

Addiction Is A Horrible Thing

Well, this is just pathetic. A second death has resulted apparently from too much internet game-playing. 32 straight hours...cripes, man, what could you stand for 32 hours? And the first death was after 86 hours?!? Man, I can't even stick with one game for 6 hours. And they are both in internet cafes...not sitting at home with food/toilet/comfort, but out in public.

Thanks guys. Thanks for making video games get a bad rap, as usual. Talk about having no life.

(*thanks to karzon for the story*)
Burn The World


Well, things went pretty well. Bug was fascinated with the Science Museum. He's been there before, several times, but he's never seemed to get into anything. Di thinks it's because no one's ever gotten down with him to get into it and explain things in a way he understands. Hell, by the time we left, I had him understanding capacitors, resistors, transformers, diodes, and basic electrics. Rock on, me. We also took him to his first planetarium show, and he thought that kicked ass. Man, I haven't seen one in years, so it was cool for me, too. We had one little snag at the end that earned him a time out, but nothing we couldn't get through.

Only down side is I've had this nagging headache all damn day. Not bad, just annoying. Hanging around with paint thinner didn't help, but I wanted to get the model pieces painted so Bug and I could put it together tomorrow.

Oh well, I'm off...the screen is making my head hurt. Ciao.