November 12th, 2002


Travelin' Jack

OK, Seattle friends. Looks like Di and I are planning a weekend up there from the night of December 13th through the afternoon of the 15th. ANyone that would like to get together with us, let me know, 'cause I'd love to see ya.

Also, if anyone of you could give us crash space for one or both nights, I'd love you eternally. C'mon, it's the weekend right after my'd be a really nice present...
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Burn The World

OK, OK, I Get The Point

LJ is being flaky. E-mail is being flaky. SoulSeek is being flaky. Trillian is being flaky. My whole connection is being flaky.

I think something is telling me to get offline and clean the house.
Worship Chaos

Evil Laundry Demons

One quick thing to bitch about...I'm just not doing well with the laundry, lately. Or at least, it doesn't like me. Maybe I annoyed the Maytag Gods, or haven't sacrificed enough socks to them lately.

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OK, I'm off to be even more domestic. No, really.
Worship Chaos

As If I Couldn't Guess

discordian: Why do we bother?

Which Goddess Owns You?

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The Goddess Chaos: Wild, uncontrolled, unpredictable, crazed, represented by the color red and the element fire. Her only constant is that she's never constant. Prone to losing her considerable temple, but her attention span is so short that she rarely actually remembers to punish anyone. A complete hedonist.