November 13th, 2002


Hangin' With The Homeboys (And Girls)

Well, Di finally decided she had to get rid of her cat today. Much as I've bitched about it, I hated that it came down to this, and it wasn't cool, but there you have it.

Later though, we met up at the Laurelwood (brew pub) with karzon, kellibunny, and delilahbowie, and a long evening of laughter, bad jokes, movie discussions, plans for later times, and more laughter ensued. Felt great, too...I miss having friends I can hang out with. We finally called that meeting to a close once we were told it was last call, with hugs and goodbyes and plans for more movie nights...Hell, I think we have the next 3 "Bad Movie and Booze' nights set up, at least subject-wise.

The quote of the night is attributed to Kelli, who, seemingly out of the blue, turned to Joe and asked him, matter-of-factly, "Joe, did you just pinch your nipple?" *LMAO*

What a you guys!
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Annual Stella Awards

It's time once again to consider the candidates for the annual Stella Awards. The Stella's are named after 81-year-old Stella Liebeck who spilled coffee on herself and successfully sued McDonalds. That case inspired the Stella Awards for the most frivolous successful lawsuits in the United States.

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I'm just floored, continually, by the stupid people that bring stupid lawsuits, and the lawyers who actually take these stupid cases...and the stupid judges and stupid juries that actually find in FAVOR of them.
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Okie Dokie

Well, I have officially given up on my secondary contract work. Over a month has gone by and neither the client nor the contract service has had any contact with me...this from a job that they claimed they needed ASAP. Oh well, I got screwed on that one, it seems...but I still have the original PSD files on those logo roughs I sent, so if I see any of them used, I'm gonna have a lot of fun suing the ever loving SHIT out of the former client.

I've also completely given up on Yahoo Messenger for now. Trillian shits itself half the time, if anyone on Yahoo contacts me. I'll still be on MSN and AIM, though. Just gotta try and figure out why this happens.

I have some plans for new icons, so I'm gonna try and work on that today. Besides, [Unknown LJ tag] needs an icon, and I never have made one for it! And, considering we're up to 30 members, I really SHOULD do one.

caliban: I actually have a present for you...see ya tomorrow.

Random Thoughts

You know, it sucks when you look at something that some of your friends think is so damn funny they're wetting their pants over it, and you just look at it and have not even the least glimmer of a grin. Makes me feel really old. Or out of touch. Or something. Ah well, I relegated myself to being the odd one long ago.

OK, I want something, and I know I have some artistically minded people on my list. I want some pix of me, done cartoon-style. I'd love a few different styles and pictures; Anime, American, simple, complex, what have ya. If any of you are willing and able, I'd love you forever....or at least for a really long time ;)

I'll even make an icon of one...c'mon, please?
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Happy, And Why Not?

Overall, things are good, and getting and receiving communication always seems to go so well...I love my baby...Besides, someone else just told me I was cute...can't say how much I believe it, but what the Hell?

I know I'm in a good mood when I actually dance.
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Hanging with my friends last night got me to thinking,and so I did a little trimming of the ol' LJ friends list today...nothing drastic. But anyone on it that I haven't read a post from in forever and doesn't list me back anyway, ciao! Still was only about 8 or 9 not even worth mentioning. Why the Hell am I telling you this? ;)

I do want to welcome some people, though, who were interested enough to join us here in the laboratory:
ascaechoriel: any friend of kitters is OK in my book!
redheadevilchiq: fellow Vancouverite, and fellow weirdo
lesoleildelune: who added me back...interesting people rock my socks

Welcome aboard, compadres.


Remember how happy I was earlier? It just multiplied.

It's always a good feeling to accomplish something that isn't gonna be easy, and which makes someone else so damn happy. You are most welcome, ouchouch, happy to help...just good to hear you laugh and smile, you deserve more of that.

Later Edit: Damn, I'm on a roll...happy to help, sayaka!

Even Later Edit: Looks like xspiderx is pretty happy with my finding those pix for ouchouch...I really am on a roll today. With mayo and pickles, even.
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Ride Into The Sunset

Man, what a great day...I haven't felt this good in a while. Mucho thanks to everyone that made me feel good by just being happy, because I did something for ya, you rock.

Di is making homemade chocolate-chip cookies for me...the day couldn't end on a better note.

*happy, happy sigh*