November 16th, 2002



Well, I did get to see delilahbowie for a few minutes last night, when she and Di stopped by the house for more smokes, and then they whisked off again. When Di finally got home just after midnight, it certainly sounded like they had a good time...which is good, I think they both probably needed it.

Next time, though, I'm going with...Rachel, it has been determined that I need to teach you to shoot pool.
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Sniper School

The sniper school of the United States Marine Corps is one of the hardest military schools in the world. As the legend goes, before you qualify as a sniper, after you have completed all the physical requirements including shooting, you have to answer some questions.

The last and the hardest question is the following:

"You are positioned on a tree. It is on the edge of a clearing. The clearing is your kill zone. You must kill the first thing, whatever it will be, that enters that zone, and you must kill it with your first shot. Until you have completed this mission, you have to sit on that tree, you must not move, eat, drink, pee, or do anything else, lest you scare your prey away."

"After you've been sitting on that tree for four hours, in the sun, wind and rain, not moving a muscle, a six-year old girl enters the clearing, with a baby on her arm. What is the very very first thing that you feel?"

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