November 25th, 2002


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Always acknowledge a fault. This will throw those in authority off their guard and give you an opportunity to commit more.
- Mark Twain
Worship Chaos

No, I Don't Know Why I'm Awake...

...but I am, and have been since 7am, which is not like me. Ugh. I also don't know why I'm wrapped up in a comforter, since that's not like me either.

But there you have it.

What the fuck, I'm gonna give this a here's your chance:
Poll #78355 Information Central

Go Ahead, Ask Me Anything:

I dare ya.
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Think you know what your name means? I used to think I knew mine. But I was wrong...

FRANK: Literal meaning: "Keep refrigerated, eat within three days."

Created by Act of God exactly three hundred years ago next week, the name Frank was originally used spitefully to refer to warriors who died during drill practice, before eating a big cream cake.

Famous Franks:
1. Frank ap Oily-Oaf, of the generation which fondly remembers those funny pirate hats; ghost-writer of Oscar Wilde's neighbour, Tom's offensively illustrated autobiography, I WAS MONTY'S THUG;
2. Frank Frewsy, belittler of bungee-jumping; first holder of the office of Royal Gadget-Smasher;
3. Frank Proms, populariser of the methods of Judge Dredd; ghost-writer of The St Winifred's School Choir's leatherwear catalogue and autobiography, TOOT-A-TWANG-TWANG;
4. Doctor Frank Dots, who's never forgotten the deckchair-cum-hat;
5. Frank S'Ess-Nootlooter, aroused by a popular music band made entirely of soap;
6. Frank Jesus ("The Uncanny"), once saved by the definitive manual on drowning; ghost-writer of Charles Hawtrey's religious handbook and autobiography, I LOVE MY FROG!;
7. Frank Marl ("The Terrible"), haunted by an image of some thing or other;
8. Frank Staplegun ("The Blue"), champion of the right to use between nine and fifteen scientific principles; first holder of the office of Queen's Own Loan Shark;
9. Lady The Miss Frank Macaulay, first victim of Britain's standards;
10. Frank Frote-Lilly Li, who lost a fortune on Spandau Ballet.

Typical Frank motto:
"A week is a long time on fire."

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Ask Me Anything, Round One

Well, well, a good start, let's see, here:

nostradomnatrix: Probably right here in this same damn chair, doing just what I'm doing now.

gina: Well, that's up to you, really, but I'd like to think you wouldn't be disappointed, so yeah.

redheadevilchiq: Hmmm...oh, sorry, was distracted. I'm not sure I can keep track of the count...let's say 42.

spiritual: No, not yet, and I doubt I will. Just not something I think I would end up enjoying.

babyinga: Sex, in the choir loft of a church...during the sermon...with the preacher's wife.

sayaka: Trouble, lint, and I have no clue.

nysidra: Any of the 'Friday the 13th' DVDs. I set up a wishlist for the various family members with all 10 on there...and they went and got me other things instead. Bastards.

karzon: I wasn't when I posted the poll, but I am now.
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I'm surprised Di hasn't poosted anything about it yet, so I guess I'll just have to embarrass myself.

She got the biggest kick out of me at the grocery yesterday. normally, we hit it and wander and get what we need, fairly standard. For some fucked-up reason, though, we went yesterday, Bug in tow, early afternoon on a Sunday, for just a few things. Hell, sheer Hell.

Well, my natural tendencies kicked in. I put Bug in the cart, told him to hold on, told Di to keep up, and off I went. I learned the arcane secrets of crowd movement from monks in Tibet, you see...and I have the paranormal ability to steer a fast-moving cart through spaces that shouldn't be large enough for them, take corners at breakneck speds like a professional stunt driver, and avoid all the slow, fat, wild-child-laden mongoloids. DI just thought it was the wildest thing that I got in there, with everybody, got what I neded, got out, and never once hit anything or even realy slowed down.

She also was suprised to see, when she came home for lunch, that I had gotten down and cleaned the entire bathroom, including scrubbing down the shower (which was horrendous). I'm so frighteningly domestic sometimes.

Oops, gotta run. I got laundry ready to be put away.
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Progress, News, And Marshmallow Peeps

Well, after swearing at the Gods of H-P, I've managed to get some stuff updated, so I can now use Nero Burning Rom instead of HP RecordNow...which wouldn't support VCD burning. My first attempt at burning a VCD sorta worked...I got it, but it's jumpy, and bad. I think I might have messed up a burn setting somewhere. Still, it's progress, and that's something. Start again...

In other news, it should be a fun week. Tomorrow night will be 'Bad Movies and Booze: The Big O Redux', at which I shall have in attendance kellibunny, redheadevilchiq, karzon (later), Brady, and delilahbowie (I think). Insane laughter is imminent. Thursday is T'giving, which means home-cooked meal at Di's parents' place. Friday, if all goes according to plan, dirtbikev will be coming to see me for a while, which is cool since I haven't seen her since I moved down here.

caliban now says he might be moving down to L.A. Yeesh, well, it gives me another person to go see in Cali, eventually, and somewhere to saty, which is god, because I do want to get down that way and see annathema667 one of these days, and hopefully catch up with preistofcards and devilsdarling while I'm there. When that'll happen is anybody's guess, of course.