November 26th, 2002

Burn The World

Well, Shit.

OK, I've hit a brick wall on the VCD burning front. I can do it, but the resulting VCD is REALLY bad looking: cubing out, fuzzy, jerky. The .mpg beforehand is fine, though, so I can only assume that it's a case of my burner not being able to handle it.

I'm not giving up quite yet, though. I'm starting over today, with the intention of going back to trying to figure out DivX encoding.

Man, you know I'm really into something when I haven't touched PhotoShop or any of my games in three days.
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Sweeeeet...I have officially created my first so happy. Sure, it was just Thumb Wars (wanted to start with a short film, to cut my times down), but it worked, and that rocks. Tomorrow starts my working on my first full length DivX rip. Wish me luck.

*giggles insanely*
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