November 27th, 2002


How's Your Sex Life?

Well, interesting...Durex did their big Sex Survey and according to their results, Americans get it on 138 times a year, on average.

Well, shit, I thought reading this, what's everybody's problem? C'mon, Di and I are way ahead of you...we can't pull the weight for the whole team! You REALLY need to get some nookie.

Too Much Fun

Well, Brady was sick, so he couldn't make it, but everyone else showed up, and a fun night was had by all. I wish polarbear and delilahbowie didn't have to leave so soon, but I do understand that whole "I have to work tomorrow at an ungodly hour" thing. Still, tres fun, much laughter, good drink, good friends, silly movies. I've just found I'm at my absolute peak when i have people around...and it's good to have a core group opf friends again. Now, if I could just get a game group together...anybody in the Vancouver/Portland area looking for a fellow gamer? C'mon, I've got 22 years of gaming experience, 17 of them as a DM, I've played just about, I miss it.

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Funky Mind

Have you ever been walking through your house, merrily doing your stuff, when you just suddenly stop, cock your head slightly to one side, and realize you have absolutely no idea what you were about to do? You stand there for a few seconds, and you can't even think of the fact that you don't know, you just go blank, like someone kicked out the plug to your brain for a few seconds? Then, it just comes back into focus, and off you go?

I just did that on the way to my dresser for a shirt. *shrug*
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Eh, I Was Curious

Which Gothic Stereotype Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Cyber Goth -- I pity the fool who threatens you. Between tweaking on caffeine rushes and chain smoking, you are way too good with computers and all things high-tech. Throw some morbid humor and way too much electric blue eyeshadow into the fray and you've got a jittery, demented, and very capable person on your hands. I'm never giving you my e-mail address.


No listing for Fogeygoth, apparently.


(*which stands for fucked-up day*)

Most recently? Di walks in the door, and I'm startled, trying to figure out how I've managed to sit in one chair, with a magazine, all damn afternoon...since I sat down and started reading just after she left from lunch. Also, why the fuck my headache hadn't gone away.

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At least my headache is finally gone...almost.