November 29th, 2002

Jet (Cowboy Bebop)

Minor Disappointments

Well, dirtbikev never did call or show up last night. She called me Wednesday night to see if I wanted to have a drink, but I was already settled in, so she said she's see me Thursday. Then nothing, and didn't answer her cell when I called her. Hope she's OK...I'll try again later.

Also, I got to thinking, and decided that it would be a good thing to run a solo game of Nephilim for Di (dammit, I gotta get my gaming fix!!!!). I described the game to her, and she thought it sounded pretty good, so I went digging into the infamous Lion Closet for my Nephilim books. What do I find? Every supplement and extra book, but not the main rulebook. Well, fucking hell, I can't do characters without the main book, so I'm screwed on that front as well. I'm tearing that closet apart today (which needs to be reorganized anyway), and if I don't find it I'm gonna be hella mad.
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Holiday Aftermath

Well, nothing much new, but dammit, if I don't post, I lose my 'addict' status. ;)

Only developments in my life: dirtbikev fell victim to Turkey-Related Sleeping Sickness, and didn't show up, but it's all good. She has family down this way, so I'll see her next trip around.

Di and I are rearranging the front room tomorrow (LJ user=discordian>, you know what THAT is like!, and I'll be using my mutant rearranging power to make even more room than before, as always.

I am a packrat, I know this. But, inevitably, if I get rid of something, that will be the one thing I'll go looking for in the next 6 months, and it'll be gone. Today, it was my INWO cards, and later my Nephilim rulebook (which appears to be in Jersey with Isaac, so I'll get it soon, thank the Goddess). See, this is why I don't toss anything interesting, dammit.