December 7th, 2002



Dawned on me last night that I nmeed to get my license updated...finally. I've had this same license for YEARS...and it never has looked like me. Itr was done right after I started working for Terminix, and they made me cut my hair and shave off my beard, so it makes me look COMPLETELY unlike me. Come to think of it, this willbe the first license that has a pic that actually DOES look like me. ANd, hell, I've lived in Washington for two and a half years's about time I got a Washington license.
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Getting My Handyman On

SO we go out to Di's parents' place, where I get to be handyman for a while, putting up oneof those bracket-arms that you mount a TV on the wall with...whcih took fucking forever. Mostly this was due to poor planning on the part of the "writers" of the instructions, who thought it prudent to put helpful drawings...but no actual instructions. Still, we got it working. AFterwards I had to fix a partially eaten videotape, whcih was the easy part. Getting it fixed meant I got to watch 'Ice Age', which was actually not a bad flick, I may buy it. The 'big softee' side of me came out, though, I must admit...OK, so parts of it near the end choked me up, so what?

I did get some b'day stuff from her Mom, though, a big blue button down (soft as hell, too) and a t-shirt which is destined to be one of my favorites. I smiley, apparently wiping his mouth is surrounded by this caption:

But We Crashed In The Mountains And I Had To Eat Him

Man, that's funny!
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Lost Birthdays

Well, I've been trying off and on all day to get hold of imperfectangel to tell her Happy Birthday, but I can't seem to get her. Hell, I haven't talked to her in a year...*sigh* It's so easy to lose track of people, sometimes.

New Icon

I got a weird idea this evening, and made a new icon for myself. I've had this nickname for a little while (ever since ICP's 'Jeckyl Brothers' album), but it fits me, since I am the Answer Man, the Encyclopaedia Chaotica.


Well, Dammit, That REALLY Sucks

I just discovered some info that really is ungroovy.

Di had actually been planning a party for my 30th birthday...3 strippers, all of whom sound kick ass and gorgeous (all chosen for traits she knows I REALLY like), and my friends. However, we have no spare cash, and so it all fell through, no can do.

Dammit, no one has ever thrown me a birthday party. And turning 30, for me anyway, was kinda a milestone. This would have been a lot of fun, and now I don't get it.

Well, fuck all that. As soon as tax time comes around, I should be getting back everything I paid (seeing as how I only worked four months this year). When I get that cash in hand, *I'M* paying for this party. I don't care that it'll be a couple months later than my actual birthday.

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