December 8th, 2002

Jet (Cowboy Bebop)

Minor Annoyance

I'll tell you what irks me. You find someone on LJ that you think looks pretty interesting, so you add them...somehting soon comes up that you will respond to, you type out your comment, click to post it...and get the message that you can't because this person has the option turned on where you have to be listed as a friend to comment to them.

I know a few of you reading this probably do, as well, and it's your journal, your option, do as you like...but I don't claim to understand it. I'm fine with turning off anonymous comments, sure...there are jackasses out there. but you are cutting yourself off from people you don't know...and all friends start out that way.

It probably wouldn't get to me as much, but I just saw someone on my friends list witha computer problem that was really bothering them (EMM386 stuff), and I typed out a nice long comment that explained what it was, how it worked, and two different links I searched out on how to fix the problem relatively simply...and then got that when I tried to post it.

*shrug* Your choice, it's cool. I'll support your right to do what you choose...but I'll make no bones about how little sense it makes to ME.
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Unsurprising Revelations

Now, I know some of you are fans of Tori Amos...fine for you, no problem, I don't think any less of you (believe me, I listen to some stuff that people can't STAND to even admit exists, much less listen to). But due to a couple of past girlfriends, I learned to hate her. "But," I thought to myself, "a lot of that is probably association: they were HUGE fans, and y'all broke up, so the sound reminds you of's not Tori you hate." I prided myself on my basic fairness, and with time passing, I've given her another listen, trying to get my head into the music, the lyrics, the meanings, all without the associated associations. Now, I can hear her for her, without the interference of outside connection.

You know what? I still hate her.
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Burn The World

Gorgeous Chicks In My Bed

Hey, my life does have it's advantages...but not what you are thinking. We had a little impromptu photoshoot tonight with delilahbowie, partly to get pix of the fabulous vinyl dress she baought a couple weeks ago, partly to convince her she is more photogenic than she thinks, and partyly for the hell of it.

I'm fairly happy with the way the photos came out, especially considering the lack of facilities we had to work with (as in "black cloth and plastic hung in my hallway"). There's plenty, and I will be posting a more comprehensive set tomorrow, but for now, here are a few previews.

Aw, aren't they cute?
Aw, aren't they evil?
Aw, aren't they bored?
Aw, aren't they aloof?
Aw, aren't they sexy?