December 11th, 2002


Zero Hour Bullshit

Great....awake at 4:30, only to find that I cannot hear out of my left ear. Joy. OK, taker Di to work, go get some ear drops and one of those little sqeezy-bulbs, finally fixed that problem, and then realize that the fax of my birth certificate is still at Di's office. So I get to go BACK out to her office, get that, and THEN I'm off to the DMV...where they may or may NOT give me a license renewal.


Oh...whoever got me 'Friday The 13th, Pt.2'? You rock like Spock.

Done And Done

Well, that's out of the way. I am now a leagl driver in Washington for a while longer...and no longer have the last tenuous link to Tennessee. Went pretty smoothly, actually...they didn't take the birth certificate, but it turned out I didn't need it: they took my Visa card. Go figure. Frankly, I'm just glad to have a license that actually looks like me, for a change.

Funny part was that I cleaned up to go in...and after getting my picture, the woman there made comments about how 'gothic' I looked (long hair, serious expression)! I ttied cocking an eyebrow to make it even worse, but she was giggling so much, she couldn't get the pic. Shit, I should have just gone ahead and looked normal. Oh well, no loss.

Now, I just gotta get my hearing back.
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Hearing Is Good

Wow...everything's so clear. Yes, I can finally hear again...but, man, you do NOT wanna know what came out of my ear. I mean, it scared ME. However, my hearing is now clearer than in the ear that was OK...go fig.

Oh, hey, caliban! I finished 'Ed Hunter' today. *LOL*, what a waste of time.


Well, it seems that Di and I shall be heading out to Ember's tonight for 'goth night' with karzon. Man, I haven't been clubbing in almost a year...ah, what the Hell. I'm not going to think of it as a minor little celebration for my birthday, though...c'mon, it's 'goth night'. But it will be nice to get out.
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Well...Um, Yeah

Hmmm...well, off we went, and entered this wasteland called 'Ember's'. You get to walk through the bar to get to the club area, and were immediately subjected to what appeared to be a lip-sync contest/thingy. Man, I feel sorry for the state of entertainment if that was the best that showed up, that's all I'll say for now. Trying my damndest to ignore it, off we went to the club area for it's (so-called) 'goth night'.

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In other news...yes, it's official. I'm 30. Initial thanks to superfledermaus, etherpunk, delilahbowie, and karzon for noting it already...and a similar shout out back to superfledermaus, who shares the day. Be safe over there, m'man.