December 13th, 2002

Worship Chaos

It's Over

Yep...I lived through turning 30. My extreme thanks to everyone who wished me a happy was a good day, thanks in part to you. Special thanks to: multi_jinx, who called me and sang; delilahbowie, who 'sang' to me over IM last night in a sexy, husky, whiskey and clove voice; velvetacidgrrl, who tried repeatedly to call me before finally catching me; zombiedip for being the most wonderful woman in the world, and making me smile constantly; and of course, my best friend and brother discordian, for being him.

Among the interesting points today:
~ my Mom actually read my entry from last night, talking about my birthday revelations. What makes this interesting is that she never knew that I had a drug or alcohol problem, and it's sparked some convos back and forth in e-mail today. Not bad, just odd.

~ a half-mile walk in the rain up to Di's office, to take her carrots. She missed lunch due to trying to go do a blood test on her lunch break (which didn't happen, so a complete waste of time), so she was in a rotten mood. That made her feel better, though, which rocked for me, and I hadn't gone walking in the rain in forever, so it was quite nice.

~ Bug made me a 'card' which was just a drawing he did, of me...but that was entirely too cool. As a present, he gave me one of those inflatable punch-balls...*giggle*

Oh, and it turns out that it was Di who got me the second 'Friday the 13th' cool. 2 down, 8 to go. Somehow, I just knew it was her...I'm psychic, you know.
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OK, gotta finish cleaning the house, since I didn't do it yesterday...and have some icons to make (just did a couple for the_black_drop, but waiting to see which gets used before posting them).

This song is one of my favorites. Something about it just speaks to me..I guess it's the feeling of revelation, and the sense of not needing things, just doing OK. Or maybe I'm on crack.
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Travel Plans

To My Seattle Friends And Fiends:

OK, here's the skinny. Di and I are leaving here midday tomorrow, and will be hitting Emerald City around 4. Other than snagging our hotel room, we'll be pretty much free until 7, when we should be meeting with erotocism and her man for dinner, hopefully joined by sayaka and amusementdevice (no confirmation yet). I plan on arriving at the Bad Juju Lounge at 9 o'clock, where I shall be until 11:30 or 12 or so, depending on who shows up. I'll be in town Sunday until middle of the afternoon or so, before heading out to return to the City of Roses.

No, this won't be my last trip up that way, but I would love to see you guys. Partly just for the holiday hooplah of it all, and partly for my birthday, and partly for the hell of it. I miss you guys. I'll have my cell phone on me, so call if you need...if you don't have the number get me on messenger or e-mail me before we leave.

One side note: kitters, I know that this is just as you guys are getting the Black Drop open and running, and I know that is priority one, so I totally understand that you probably cannot make it, so I'll just have to come up to B'ham next trip and have a cup. Just promise me that if anyone orders a mocha, you'll call them 'Frank' sotto voce. ;)