December 16th, 2002


Rant Time

Posted a new rant today in stupidthings, this one all about annoying little web-bitches and their shallow self-promoting websites. Original link that sparked it off came from a post batty made...and just to clear any potential confusion, she is quite the opposite of the kind of whiny bitch I was ranting about. Batty works her ass off on her business, and as far as I am concerned, that takes her off that particular list.

So if you are a gothic cam-whore, well, sorry. Look over your website and see if you have any other substance to it. If not, then at least have the decency to not spout off and claim that you are only doing it for yourself.


Well, looks like Di may have caught what I had...luckily, she knows, if she does have it, it'll only last about 36 hours, but it'll suck like a starving leech for the whole time. I wish I knew something to help it, but as she put it last night, "if you knew something to make it better, you'd have done it for yourself before."

Well, I'll stop there, since she doesn't deal with pity well, but it sucks anyway. OK, I'm off to check the mail...discordian! You did send that book, right?
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Too Much Fuckin' Time On Your Hands

Sometimes, I hate the Internet.

FOr as much time as I spend on it, for as much as I deal with it, it does tend to bring out the 'moron' in people, and allows any metally deficient whack-job to show his stuff. For instance, here we see someone who has been collecting, catalogueing, and saving his belly button lint...and has the pictures to prove it. He goes into the origins of it, and helps you to understand your own navel fluff. Aren't you glad this is here for your reference?

Or, perhaps, you are one of that growing crowd that believes that menstruation needs a greater awareness, and should be more fun, and that there should be greater exposure in the media about it. Well, your cries have been answered: you should head over to Menstrual Monday 2003 and get the skinny on not only this year's celebration of feminine bleeding, but the progress of the Museum of the Menovulatory Lifetime, and ideas for your own parties, whether that be a gathering of women for some 'flofilms', or just a couple games of 'fortune eggs', all while munching on 'Accident On A White Sofa' Cake.

I'm not making this shit up, kids. I wish I was, but I'm not.

Sometimes, I REALLY hate the Internet.

Going Too Far

Well, whatever. Apparently, a man in the UK was refused his solution to a minor traffic violation, and instead had to pay his fine.

The Violation: Didn't notify the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) that his Suzuki was off the road

The Fine: 25 pounds

The Plea: Not Guilty

His Offered Solution: to fight a designated champion of the DVLA to the death with "samurai swords, Ghurka knives or heavy hammers", which he claims is his right under European human rights legislation

The Verdict: Yeah, right Bonzo. Now you pay a 200 pound fine, plus 100 pounds court costs. Go home.