December 22nd, 2002



You know, there's nothing quite so annoying to an icon designer as userpics not showing up. I know they just replaced the userpic server, and it appears to be some sort of config problem, and I'm sure brad and sherm know about it and are working on it.

But, damn, does it suck.
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Burn The World


Well, I gotta do a quick bit of laundry, and then pack the bag...I doubt I'll be on tomorrow morning to see what's happening, so I'll have to say bye to you guys now. I'll have access while I'm gone, but probably not much, so here's hoping everyone's holiday is a good one...and if not, just remember, it's almost over.

Much love to my krewe, I'll miss you...if you party while I'm gone, have one for me!

Love Live Spinal Tap

Much thanks to wayren for finding this for me...

National Film Registry To Preserve 'Spinal Tap'

Damn right, this was an important film. Pardon me for being bitchy in the midst of happiness, GOD DAMMIT, did they HAVE to find a way to work the name of the newest Disney bullshit into the article not only in the body of the text but in the picture caption? Come the fuck on, what is with this shit? The claim is that 'Spinal Tap' was a template for Disney's newest bit of cinematic diahrrea, 'The Country Bears'. What the bloody fuck? Excuse me kids, but that movie is based off the LONG-running Disney 'attraction', 'Country Bear Jamboree' (yes, I know that, I grew up in Orlando, sue me). This didn't need to be mentioned, and if they wanted to prove the infulence of the film, there are about a million other potential influences they could have cited...but no, they had to go and promote the fucking Rodent Cult.

Yes, I'm pissed. Yes, most of you probably think I'm making too much of this. No, I don't care.
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