December 30th, 2002


The Grind Calls

Well, it's back to routines, I guess. Need to get things done around the house, and they aren't gonna do themselves. At some point this afternoon, I'l try and post some pix form my vacation. I didn't take but a couple, so don't expect much.

I suppose I need to try and catch up on LJ, since I have an entire week's worth to read back...I may be here a while. Well, if ya see me online, say hey!
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Awright, That's It

Damn, you guys are some prolific posters, ain'cha? Fuck it, after going back 500 posts, just in my default friends list alone, I'm quitting. If you said something that you want my opinion on between Monday and Christmas, let me know...otherwise, I'll just have to not have seen it.

Or if, you know, you're on of the many fabulously hot ladies on my list and you posted pix...or you did me a fan sign...or what have ya. Hey, I ain't to proud to beg.
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Tarot Cards
The Magician
He stands, surveying all. Behind him, the flames dance higher, as another falls before his might. His open arms welcome any who need his help.
Divinatory Meanings: Destruction of the veil, the revelation of Truth. Also the collection of explanation, the source of answers.
Reversed: Arrogance, false hope, blind faith, misdirection.
Element: Fire

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Just talked to ravenlace, which was cool. She had spoken to me previously about stopping by on her way back to Seattle, which of course I was happy for. Well, apparently that will be sooner than originally planned, so she'll be here the night of January 9th. Expect a few pix, at least...if nothing else, I'll get to see my godson Cai again!