January 7th, 2003


News Flash 1 - 'DVD Jon' Acquitted

(*Danke to nighthawk, whose post I'm ripping off*)

Pulled directly from Ars Technica.

The recording industry was dealt a blow in Norway when Jon Johansen, who developed the DeCSS code, was acquitted on charges of circumventing copyright protections. Norwegian prosecutors were pressed into action by the US entertainment industry in an effort to globally enforce copyright protection, but were rebuffed on all counts. The court ruled Johansen did nothing wrong in creating DeCSS which enabled him to view purchased DVDs on his linux computer.

The court ruled there was "no evidence" that either Johansen or others had used the decryption code (called DeCSS) for illegal purposes. Johansen therefore couldn't be convicted on such grounds, nor for acting as an accessory to other alleged illegal activity, wrote judge Irene Sogn in the court's ruling.

Nor, wrote Sogn, was there any evidence that Johansen intended to contribute to illegal copying.

Nils, who submitted the news, suggests this may bring an end to Johansen's legal woes. "We can probably expect MPAA and Økokrim to drop further charges. The prosecutor Inger Marie Sunde has relied mostly on a 'LA Law' prosecution by focusing on character assassination and focusing on motive and the industry's possible loss of money rather than law." This ruling coupled with the recent ElcomSoft verdict are major blows to the entertainment industry's legal efforts. Prosecutors failed to prove utilities were created for illegal purposes in either case, and also failed to prove financial harm from the creation of such utilities. It is refreshing to see the Norwegian court focusing on the legal uses for the DeCSS code instead of buying prosecutorial character assassination and possible illegal uses of such a tool. Because a tool may be used for illegal means doesn't make the tool or creation of the tool illegal.
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This Was Weird Enough That I Had To Post It

What object shaped like a famous person are you?

brought to you by Quizilla

You are a piece of cheese that looks like Jesus. Jesus was our Savior. So being a piece of cheese that even looks like Him must be pretty great. Good for you.

(I'm not sure about some of the other responses, but I've seen 'a bridge that look slike Abraham Lincoln', and ' a computer that looks like Emily Dickinson', so I think I'm on the good end of the scale so far.)

News Flash 2 - Family Traumatized By Tennessee Highway Patrol

Thanks to the Misanthropic Bitch

According to the articles you can find here, a family was pulled over as a felony stop, handcuffed on the side of the road, their dog shot, etc...all because some well-meaning motorist with a cell-phone made an assumption.

Needless to say, someone's family vacation went horribly wrong. Makes me glad I'm no longer in Tennessee.
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News Flash 3 - Knights Templar To Use Latest Imaging In Search For Holy Grail

~ By Paul Kelbie, Scotland Correspondent
~ 06 January 2003

For centuries the intricately carved stones of Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh have tantalised historians, archaeologists and devoted Christians. A labyrinth of vaults beneath the 15th-century home of the Knights Templar is reputed to contain dozens of holy relics, including early gospels, the Ark of the Covenant, the fabled Holy Grail - and even the mummified head of Christ. More than 550 years after the first foundation stones were laid, modern technology is about to put the legend to the test.

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I'm absolutely beside myself to be alive in a time when conspiracy theory and 'shadow group' ramblings can get some proof, or even stirrings that are more than madmen's ramblings. Are these guys really Templar descendants, carrying on the Templar traditions? If so, how many others are there? Are they recognized by the Church? If so, what ELSE has the Vatican been hiding? The theories have been in place for a long time...


(*Shamelessly ganked form corachaos*)

Chrysler Group Chief Operating Officer Wolfgang Bernhard motors along the stage aboard the brand-new Dodge Tomahawk V-10, 8.3-liter (505 cubic inch) concept motorcycle at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 6, 2003. The Tomahawk features four-wheel independent suspension, and the superbike's engine, borrowed from the Viper sports car, can propel it at speeds of nearly 400 mph.
Burn The World

Debates Vs. Arguments

I admit, I can be an argumentative person. Gimme a point that catches my interest, and I'll go all day. Hell, gimme an interesting subject, I may argue the other side just for fun. But I see too many people get into the screaming matches over stupid things. There is a difference.

For instance, take the convo I just had with etherpunk. The skinny is that Nintendo is releasing a new Game Boy, and, as we all know, I'm not a Nintendo fan. For a good twenty minutes, maybe half hour, we debated the points back and forth about Nintendo, it's previous releases, where it's going, what it's doing, and whatnot (Tobey's a big Nintendo fan). By the end of it, we both conceded the other's good points, and still held our own, but we'd had a great, intelligent discussion, sometimes heated, sometimes funny, but always on topic...and still had no hard feelings afterwards.

THAT'S a great debate.

See, that's the kind of friends I like having around...ones smart enough to hold their own, and still smart enough to know when to admit a point was made on the other side and continue without defeat, all without making it personal. I needed that. But I still don't like Nintendo ;) *L*
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