January 22nd, 2003


Work, Work, Work

Yes, if you've seen Di's post from last night, I spent it trying to get her machine into some kind of useable shape. Now, when I say I spent last night doing it, that's exactly what I meant. 5 fucking hours...and it's not done yet.

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<geeky rant ahead>

Razzafrazzin' Compaq computers with Philips CD-ROMs...jeezus, I'm glad I took out the Western Digital harddrive, or else the whole fuckin' thing wouldn't be worth two shits.

</end geeky rant>

It's a bad sign when I've ALREADY hit the tequila this early in the day.
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Jet (Cowboy Bebop)

Success Tastes So Sweet


Take that, fucking Roxio drivers. Clean, smooth, and working fine. Di's machine is officially running XP with no problems, all necessary proggies installed. Ready for Ghosting, and then I can turn her loose on it.

(*takes a celebratory drink*)
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