February 16th, 2003


Early Spring

I'm looking over my friends list, and seeing the happy beginnings of relationships here and there, and that is WAY too cool to see. I can name at least 3 couplings that are ranging from the first smiles and looking good, to getting serious, to realizations of goodness...man, I love seeing that. My extreme happiness goes out to you all.

Friggin' groundhog can go sit on a snake...spring is already in the air, dammit.
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    Rush - Witch Hunt

Cyclothymia Can Suck A Dead Rhino

Mood swing...all fuckin' day. Just what I needed. Makes it worse when something actually does get to me in the middle of it, because then I react worse. Fuck it, all of it, can this day just be over so that maybe tomorrow will be better?

Hi, how are you, allow me to introduce myself, I'm "not in the fuckin' mood".
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