February 17th, 2003


Kill Me Now

Fuckin' headache yesterday would not go away...woke up this morning to find it STILL hadn't gone away...on top of which, my neck is screaming bloody murder at me. What the fuck did I do to deserve all this?
City On Fire

"We's Lookin' Now, Into History Back..."

One year ago, today. One year ago, the phone call came in, quite unexpectedly, the one that changed my life. That was a day that I remember vividly, for many reasons.

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On completely unrelated notes, I was contacted today by Blurty user UrbanPrincess, for help with her journal layout. How cool is that, someone from another journal site looking me up...wild. Actually, I have to say, I got a huge laugh out of Blurty, when I dug through their FAQ (which looks just like LJ's, obviously), and see that under the 'Blurty specific tags', the fact that they weren't able to change the tags, so, even there, you have to use "lj-cut" and "lj user=", etc. Damn people, if you are gonna use Open Source code and do something new, at least update it to your own project. Well, regardless, it made me feel productive and useful, so I was glad for it.
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OK, for the time being, I'm designating this 'Italian Horror Day'...so gonna go make some lunch and watch Lucio Fulci's "The Beyond" and "Zombie".